David Bestué and Rasmus Nilausen in Composiciones – Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Latitudes curates Composiciones, a programme of five interventions specially commissioned for the first Barcelona Gallery Weekend. With the aim of distinguishing the gallery weekend from similar initiatives, Latitudes’s programme compliments the existing calendar of exhibitions in galleries and museums by presenting the work of artists active in the Barcelona art scene, to develop a series of interventions responding to singular locations – public and private sites significant for their architecture or their history. Among the selected artists are David Bestué (Barcelona, 1980. Lives in Barcelona); Dora García (Valladolid, 1965. Lives in Barcelona), Jordi Mitjà (Figueres, 1970. Lives between Lladó and Banyoles); Rasmus Nilausen (Copenhagen, 1980. Lives in Barcelona) & Pere Llobera (Barcelona, 1970. Lives in Barcelona) and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané (Barcelona, 1977. Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

unfolds through temporary interventions and one-off events in singular venues outside of Barcelona’s contemporary art circuit – including a private library, a former factory and a botanical collection. Pinpointing some lesser-known aspects of the city’s cultural history and municipal life, Composiciones offers moments of interruption, intimacy and immersion throughout the weekend.

David Bestué is producing a new installation in the form of a sculptural timeline defined by ignition and invention, fat and oil, obsolescence, fluorescence, luminescence and incandescence – a history of humanity from antiquity to the present day told through the evolution and refinement of lighting technology. Located in the domestic setting of the former Director’s house within the 1920s Cosme Toda ceramics factory, the installation is companioned by sculptural clusters recuperating Art Nouveau ceramics and plaster pieces found in the factory itself. These link to Bestué’s ongoing interest in the evolution of architectural practice alongside building materials and engineering techniques.

Rasmus Nilausen and Pere Llobera share a workspace in the Salamina studios in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat – which they cofounded – yet the invitation to collaborate for Composiciones is the first time they exhibit together. In the Gardens of La Central del Raval their works occupy a former priest’s house and explore “acheiropoietic” images – those that have supposedly come into being not by human hand, but miraculously. The Veil of Veronica, for example, refers to various Catholic relics and icons which tell of a piece of cloth said to have been imprinted with the image of the face of Jesus.

Barcelona, 1–4 October 2015