Elena Bajo

Elena Bajo
Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Individual shows
2014 · The Absence of Work D+T Project – Gallery Brussels BE.
· With Entheogenic Intent (Burn the Witch) – 18th Street Arts Center, Los
Angeles US.
· An Arbitrary Issue – Garcia Galeria, Madrid Spain.
2013 · La Femme Radicale or The Point of No Return – D+T Project, Brussels BE.
· Opening-Solo Objects D+T Project – ARCO, Art Fair, Madrid Spain.
· BCC Brussels – Cologne Contemporary, Brussels BE.
2012 · The Absence of Work (Curated by Marlene Rigler ) – PLATFORM3, Mu¬nich DE.
· Reconstructing of the Common – D+T Project, Brussels BE.
· The Factory of Forms Manifesta Parallel Genk BE (c)
· The Factory of Forms – Jan Van Eyck Academie Maastricht NL (c)
2011 · The Pervasive Element Frieze – Art Fair FRAME D+T Project (Curated by
Cecilia Alemani and Rodrigo Moura), London UK (c)
· On Uncertain Terms – S/T Center for Contemporary Art and Culture
Berlin DE.
2008 · The Object of A Movement – D+T Project, Brussels BE (c)
· The Moon is a Harsh Mistress The Woodmill, London UK (c)
2007 · The Garden of Dreams – Museum of the City Galway Ireland (c)

Colective Shows
2014 · If I Can’t Dance to it, It’s not my Revolution( Curated by Natalie Musteata) – The
Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery Haverford College, Philadelphia (c)
· Retrolimentacion – Atelier Sala de Arte Joven Comunidad de Madrid SP.
2013 · Original Doubt – Plataforma Revolver Lisbon,Portugal.
· Zero Hours – Art Sheffield 2013, Sheffield UK.
· The Phylogenesis of Generosity (Curated by Helena) Producciones The First
Prinzessennin Garten Outdoor Sculpture – Triennial, Berlin GE (c)
· Vers une Hypothese Fort Du Bruissin Xll – Lyon Biennial, Lyon FR (c)
· Material Conceptualism Der Trost der Dinge Anaant and Zoo Gallery, Berlin GE (c)
· Pictorial Field D+T Project – Gallery Brussels BE.
· Throw a Rock and see what happens (Curated by Juan Canela) – La Casa Encendida
Madrid SP.
· The Cosmic Artisan (Curated by Bastien Rousseau) – Siegfried Contemporary,
London UK.
· Petrella’s Imports Newstand – Project Bowery & Canal New, York US.
· Art Brussels – D+T Project Gallery, Brussels BE.
· Can’t Hear my Eyes (Curated by Niekolaas Lekkerkerk ) – Nogueras Blanchard, Madrid
· Quick Response – PRACTICE, Philadelphia US.
· Ma Vie Prochaine Curated by Isabelle Le Normand Ceci N’est Pas Courtesy Los
Angeles US Social Sound( Curated by Lennard Dost ) – VHDG Blokhuispoort,
Leeuwarden NL (c)
2012 · Art in the Parking – Space Pacific Standard Time LAXART,Los Angeles US.
· Who told you so? #2 Truth vs – Organization Onomatope, Eindhoven NL.
· The Absence of Work Performance Program (Curated by Burkhard Meltzer) – Liste 17,
Basel CH.
2011 · Uncommon Places: Reinventing the Everyday Extra City Antwerp / ICI New York US.
· A Script for a Form PERFORMA 11 – Biennial, New York US.
· Aesthetic Anarchy – Scaramouche , New York US.
· VESSEL -The Stone House Fringe BAS 7, Plymouth UK.
· Art in the Parking Space A One Year Long – Project LAXART Los Angeles (c) US.
· Love Letters to a Surrogate Stage – ll MUHKA, Antwerp Belgium.
2010 · Perform! Now! 2010 – Human Resources Gallery, Chinatown Los Angeles US.
· Discretion/Determination (Curated by Caroline Soyez-Pettithomme )La Salle de Bains
Lyon When A Tree Falls in the Forrest…Sølyst, Skulpturpark Copenhagen (c)
· The Horizon Line is Here (Curated by Lorenzo Bruni) – Galleria Umberto di Marino,
Naples (c)
· 36 Dramatic Situations Louis V.E.S.P. New York Done to a Dead End &
the Dead or Alive Sale One Hundred and One Nights Rotterdam Love Letters to a
Surrogate Torrance Art Museum LA (c)
2009 · Registered White Columns, New York (c) US.
· Bread and Roses 101 with Jon Cuyson University of Trash Sculpture Center New
York US EXHIBITION 211 Elizabeth St New York US.
· Haunting the City Le Roy Neiman – Gallery Columbia University New York US.
· Unaddressed Circumventions…Gresham’s Ghost New York US.
Financial District ISCP New York US.
· Off the Streets – A Foundation Rochelle School,London (c) UK.
The 4th annual – Festival TINA B, Prague (c)
· Dodai Skuc Gallery Curated Cesare Pietroiusti & Brida Lubjiana Slovenia A New
Refuta¬tion of Time – 179 Canal, New York US.
· A New Refutation of Time Freies – Museum Berlin.
2008 ·VonJetz Bis Dann Goldrausch 08 Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin (c)
· Public Improvisations (curated by Luca Cerizza), Anna Daneri Fondazione Ratti Milan.
· Lost in Your Eyes Le Roy Neiman Gallery Columbia University New York.
· Bad Moon Rising (curated by Jan Van Woensel)- ISCP, New York.
· Peekskill Project HVCCA – Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art New York.
2007 · Second Moscow- Biennale of Contemporary Art Moscow, Russia.
· Destino Futuro Arte Madrid (curated by Oliva Maria Rubio)-Royal Botanical Garden
Ma¬drid Vision Request A-Z West Andrea Zittel, Los Angeles.
· Myths Air Garten. Berlín, Germany.
2006 · The Space Between(curated by Laurie de Chiara Alexandra) – Saheb Galerie Berlin
Saatchi Gallery The Guardian Gallery London.
· One Hundred Jeannie Freilich Fine Art New York.
2005 · Two Continents and Beyond: Waterways Istanbul Biennial Istanbul Turkey The One
NGC 224 New York. Leviathan curated by JJ CharlesWorth Candid Arts London.
· MFA Degree Show Central – Saint Martins School of Art London.
2004 · Border Conditions East 66 – Gallery Amsterdam.
· Public.Exe(curated by Anne Ellegood & Michele Thursz) – Exit Art, New York US.
· Water, Yoko Ono 1964(curated by Midori Yamamura) – ISE Cultural Foundation NY

2014 · 18th St Arts Center Artist in Residence Los Angeles US 2012 Platform3 Artist in
Residence Munich Germany
· 23 Studio Time Geoffrey Farmer BANFF Center Artist in Residence Alberta Canada
2011 · Accion y Promocion Cultural Ministerio de Cultura Gobierno de Espana s/t Berlin
Germany 2010 SEACEX The Woodmill London UK.
2008 · International Studio and Curatorial Program ISCP New York US
2008 · Goldrausch 08 Künstlerinnenprojekt Berlin Germany
Fondazione Antonio Ratti ACVA Yona Friedman Como Milan Italy
2006 · Fellowship Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Maine US
· Award Saatchi Gallery Art Competition London UK
2005 · Scholarship Fundacion Marcelino Botin Gabriel Orozco Taller Villa Iris San¬tander Spain
Scholarship Domus Academy Venice Biennial O Eliasson Hans U Obrist Venice Italy 2004 · Artist Residency Duende Studios Rotterdam NL.
· PZI Bik Van der Pol Master Project Participant Rotterdam NL Award Madrid Abierto .
· Public Art ARCO Madrid NL.

2005 · Central Saint Martins School of Art London UK MA Fine Arts
2006 · Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Maine US
2012 · ESARQ School of Architecture Barcelona Spain MA Architecture