Luz Broto | Atar cabos

To stretch out 100 metres of rope around Doctor Fourquet 8, from the ground floor to the roof: running across the exhibition space, circling around the flats above, and tying the ends in a knot.

The action will take place on Saturday, 24th of May. Documentation will be shown in the gallery space for the remaining duration of the exhibition.


The artist develops a perfect situationist practice, based on specific interventions of a performative character. Using the space’s characteristics as a starting point- architectural elements and infrastructure; organisational structures; regulations; protocols; historical or recent events- she creates minimal operations of displacement that, in the process of being carried out, bring into play the constrictions and complexities of the framework they inscribe themselves upon.


Luz Broto (Barcelona, 1982) graduated in Fine Art and obtained her Diploma in Advanced Studies from the doctorate programme in ‘Art in the Digital Era. Intermediate Creation’, at the University of Barcelona. She has developed specific projects for different contexts. Her latest works have been ‘Perderse por el camino’ [To get lost in the way],(Mercat de las Flors, Barcelona, 2014), ‘Aumentar el caudal de un río’ [To Increase the Water Level of a River](La Panera Art Centre, Lleida, 2014), ‘Meterme donde no me llaman’ [Not Minding My Own Business](LIPAC, Buenos Aires, 2013), ‘Ocupar una tribuna’ [To Occupy the Stalls](Fundació Suñol, Barcelona, 2012), ‘Atravesar ese bosque esta noche’ [To Cross That Forest at Night](Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin, 2012), or ‘Asimilar la temperatura exterior’ [To Assimilate the Exterior Temperature](Secession, Vienna, 2011).