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Karlos Gil will be taking part in The Living Room presents: 2nd Act.

The project opens on April the 4th and also includes works by Martin & Robin Novak-Smith, Chase Coley, Ben Cain, Karlos Gil, Katie Hare, Milena Mateus & Rodrigo Camacho & Roxana Albayati, Henry Mulhall, John Henry Newton, David Somlo & Alexandra Baybutt, Chooc Ly Tan and Bea Turner.

Planes of Flow is the second act of The LivingRoom.

The exhibition starts with an allusion to the first documented use of an impossible object in art, the mesmerising “The Magpie on the Gallows” by Pieter Bruegel (1568). The seeming accord between the peasant and his natural environment, one of the main themes of Bruegel’s work, is oddly corrupted by the presence of a gallows at the centre of the composition. The lines of the gallows are oddly painted, offering an impossible perspective.

A post-modernist account then follows, “Apolinère Enameled”, a 1916 advertisement painted by Marcel Duchamp. It depicts a girl painting a bed-frame with white enameled paint, including conflicting perspective lines that produce an impossible realisation of such. To emphasise the deliberate unfeasibility of the shape, a piece of the frame is missing.

Existence is some kind of predicate of individuals.

The Living Room
261 New Cross Road
London, SE14 5UL

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