Patricia Gadea at MNCARS

Next November the 4th MNCARS opens Atomic-Circus, a retrospective exhibition on the work of Patricia Gadea (1960-2006). Curated by Virginia Torrente, it gathers more than 120 works form all her career with an special interest in her work on paper and drawings. Very remarkable is the inclusion of the “Circus” series dating form the 90s and shown complete here for the first time.

Patricia Gadea (Madrid, 1960) studied at the Faculty of Fine Art before showing her work in the early eighties. She has generally been placed within Madrid’s New Figurativism movement, or linked to painters from the cultural movement known as the Movida madrileña although her work is extraordinarily singular and unique, and has continued to evolve through time. In the mid eighties, she moved to New York, where she founded the Estrujenbank collective towards the end of the decade. During those years, her work ceased to be of an individual character in order to commit to the collective, and branched out into the world of writing.
In the last years, after her return to Spain, her work became more intimate somehow, of a smaller scale and format, with an abundance of drawing and watercolour, and with the subject of woman and the feminine becoming increasingly central and evident within it.

As a starting point, her work uses everyday images from popular culture, advertising, and especially comic books, and using a strategy specific to Pop Art produces works that explain or criticize 80s Spain, a society coming out from a Dictatorship and jumps into Modernity without being able to get rid of some of its more dinstictive features. Irreverent, acid and ironic, the work of Patricia Gadea shows even today, an absolute validity.

Patricia Gadea, Atomic -Circus
November 4, 2014 to January 5th, 2015

C/ Santa Isabel, 52